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Soeren Rothe
Hello,   we use Capsule Connect with iOS 12 (also with older iOS versions it happened) and we see two issues.    1) From time to time the certificate is missing in the Site, it says: Certificate NULL. The user needs to search the correct certificate inside the Capule Connect App and afterwards it works again. It happens more or less once a… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Peter Mittermaier
With the newest iOS 12 compatible version 1.600.19 of capsule connect "sending" actions are very slow (at least 10 times slower than on iOS 11 with old version of capsule connect). We have an iOS app which communicates with an server via REST services (http requests via NSUrlConnection); the transfer of a bigger amount of data from the app to the… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Prabulingam N
Dear Team,   I'm using latest Capsule VPN in Android. I'm able to connect to Site (R80.10 FW) and received OfficemodeIP as well. But unable to reach internal networks. Used this sk113254, still unable to reach internal nw.   Any other setting should we need to make in .ttm file?(neo or fw or trac_client)   Either in Android or IPhone - unable… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Yue Zhu
Is R80.10 capable to integrate with Microsoft Authenticator app in mobile device? Thanks.
in Mobile Security
hi checkmates,   just a quick one (T.G.I.F!)   could anyone share with me “that version” of iOS Capsule which is the latest and compatible with iOS12? I’m struggling having no access to my MAB from my iPhone/iPad already running iOS12 since its begining (yes I know what you thinking but I do have ever-evolving Apple Dev. Account, been with… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Dameon Welch-Abernathy
As you know, iOS 12 release is coming mid-September.   In iOS 12, Apple has mandated a dramatic change to Capsule Connect APIs for supporting iOS VPN. To continue Capsule Connect compatibility with iOS 12, we have had to make necessary, but vast, changes. The next Capsule Connect client, will be applied to iOS 10, iOS 11, and iOS 12, all of which… (Show more)