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Nelson Orobio
Hello. I can't download the program Check Point Capsule Connect from App Store of Apple in a iPad. Can you help me, please?
in Mobile Security
Daniel Dor
Greetings,   1. One of our customers has Internal PKI Server (they implemented PKI with Windows Server 2012 R2) 2. The customer created a new standalone VM with Mobile Access Blade on, and they would like to enroll this machine with the PKI certificate. 3. What is the best way to implement this PKI certificate on the new standalone VM with Mobile… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Dor Marcovitch
i am trying to figure out how the Reverse Proxy works "under the hood". the only information is from sk110348. If my MOB Portal is on: I have an ActiveSync application for our mobile phones on the FQDN: And I configure my Outlook Anywhere clients which ar using RPC over HTTP to use the URL:… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Adam Hutcheson
Wondering if anyone has details on how they get MS DirectAccess to work through a Checkpoint Firewall.   My set up is as follows: 1) Server in DMZ that is the DA Server. 2) NAT setup to public IP.   I am having issues getting it to pass the checks for installation - specifically Active Directory Authentication.  From what I can tell,… (Show more)
in Mobile Security