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Maarten Sjouw
I need to remotely remove the site and recreate a new one on 50-100 laptops, where the user has no admin rights, when we try to remove the site in the client, it says Firewall active cannot delete site. The laptops have version E80.71 on them and they are showing issues after we replaced a single R77.30 with a cluster of R80.10 appliances.… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Xavier Bensemhoun
Hi,   I've found some unclear information regarding server_message_block versions supported on mobile-access-blade file-share functionality. What is unclear? We have "A file share defines a collection of files (...) such as SMB for Windows" in the MobileAccess Admin Guide R77 or in the sk104577 ATRG: Mobile Access Blade . Even the sk111097 Slow… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Biju Nair
I have a scenario wherein the CWS is deployed and specifically for Android OS, it seems that any email being sent out with an attachment from the local storage to the same corporate domain, the extension of the attachment is getting changed. While sending the same attachment to an outside domain, it seems to be fine.   I feel it is more like a… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Ronen Zel
This version includes various fixes and improvements as well as the following enhancements: Full Disk Encryption - It is now possible to uninstall the Endpoint Security Client when it is in one of the following states: - User Acquisition - Waiting for Policy - Deliver Recovery File - Waiting for Restart Media Encryption - The 'Add Files'… (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Ivo Marques
Hi guys,   I'm using Capsule VPN on Android with Mobile Data (4G) and I need to use an authenticated proxy server. Is there a way to do that?   Also, this Check Point gateway as a rulebase with IPSec and the same rulebase with Mobile Access Blade rules - How can I force Capsule VPN to use Mobile Access rulebase (maybe it's a stupid question).  … (Show more)
in Mobile Security
Sergey Khodyrev
Hello, have some trouble while testing Capsule.    At first, i setup installations with just public IP-address, Editor and Viewer work correct, but i wasn't able to connect via mobile applications (Docs and Workspace).   After that, i changed GW name to match with public name, reconfigure Mobile Access blade and reverse proxy to use public name,… (Show more)
in Mobile Security