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Dan Lynch
We recently replaced an R77.30 management server with R80.10. Since then our configured log rotation schedule is being ignored. We have it set to rotate firewall log files on Tues and Thurs at 11pm, but it's *also* rotating the log files at every midnight. Is this a new "feature"? (If so, it doesn't exist in any documentation anywhere.) Can it be… (Show more)
SRE Tuenti
Hello,   We are running a couple of 12600 appliances with R77.30   We've been looking for how to query the values of System kernel memory (smem) stats, via SNMP but can't seem to find an OID that provides these values.   We can see that Hmem and Kmem stats are provided via the following OIDs: fwHmem fwKmem… (Show more)
Tomer Sole
Hi everyone,   R80.10 SmartEvent has a very capable engine for customized views and reports based on logs & audit logs. The front-end is called SmartView.   We want to use this community to share our customized dashboards and reports created with SmartView.   Let's have this thread as the main discussion of all custom reports - so that… (Show more)
Yonatan Philip
Hello Everyone,   We are currently in advanced stages of developing a Log Exporter update that will add CIM support. This will give us better Splunk integration for CIM oriented apps and dashboards (e.g. Splunk Enterprise Security).   We are currently looking for customers who wish to test this new feature (in either their lab or production)… (Show more)
Mohideen Abbas
Hello All,    Can any one explain in simple words about difference between Smart Log , Smart view monitor , Smart view tracker. I know the outlined role of Smart view tracker and smart monitor but i cant predict the differences in them. And why they exist as a separate module in smart dashboard. (R77.30) Thanks in advance
Takumi Tsumura
I created a schedule object "test_create".   But, Schedule objects are not listed in object explorer.  So, I cannot edit or remove this object in SmartConsole.   ******  I confirmed that it is possible to edit or remove it in GuiDBedit.exe However I want to know that how to edit or remove in SmartConsole.     Regards, Takumi Tsumura
Chen Fenghua
Hi team: We have one requirement for log export. SmartLog query shows many entries when scrolling down. We want to export all these entries into one csv file. But now we only can export about 200 entries even we have near 1300 searched entries. Our SmartTracker only show the currently entries in the fw.log file. Is there any solution for… (Show more)
Hello,   Since the migration on the version R80.10, we have had an issue on the SNMP part: The ifHCOutOctets  (ifOutOctets)  counters are not good (OID :<X>) for each vlan interfaces, but these counters are still ok for  physical interfaces and ifHCInOctets (ifInOctets) counters are ok on both : vlans and physical… (Show more)
Bjorn Andre Kaland
Hi, SmartEvent is a fantastic tool to keep track of whats going on within you firewall environment. When managing a large scale check point deployment, I would have problem to keeping track of all the important events that matters if I only could use Smartlog. Automatic Reactions in SmartEvent is a great function to use to be notified by email…
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