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Kevin Werner
I'm attempting to run the 80.20 pre-upgrade verification script on my 80.10 management server, but nothing appears to be happening when I execute it.  I've run the tool in the past with no issues so I am assuming there is a problem with my syntax.      I'm running ./pre_upgrade_verifier -p $FWDIR -c R80 -t R80.20 and am not getting an output. … (Show more)
Donald Paterson
Click to view contentI am testing these in a virtual lab and this thread is partly to feed back on the experience but also on the messages that need updating (Tomer this is for you ;-) )   I used CPUSE to do a fresh install of R80.20 M2 on top of what was an R80.10 SMS (was a clean install or R80.10 in November 2017) The 60GB virtual HDD brought about the first… (Show more)
Mart Pirita
Hi,   I have used CheckPoint since 2005 and I'm now pretty sure, that CheckPoint hates SmartConsole users, as in year 2019 it's impossible to upgrade CheckPoint SmartConsole, without uninstalling old CheckPoint SmartConsole. And in year 2019 this uninstalling does not give any option to save settings and fingerprints, like for example Juniper -s… (Show more)
Etheldra Frederick-Radde
Good Day All   For about a month we have had issues with a firewall pair where FW1 goes down and the secondary firewall does not take over the active role. It remains in "standby" mode. Once you disconnect the cable (Mgmt), it fails over but you cannot ssh to it. You have ssh to FW1 via FW2, then bring it up from there. We have shutdown the port… (Show more)
Albin Petersson
Helloes.   We have specified certain workstations that have access to the management via SmartConsole, under Permissions&Administrators -> Trusted Clients. One of these are set up with "Name" as setting, which I interpret as hostname or FQDN. This worked for a day, then that client get an error when trying to log in saying it's not authorized.   … (Show more)
Martin Peinsipp
Hello!   Currently I am planing the overall upgrade of the customer's environment, as follows:   configuration right now:   - SMS: R77.30 - GWs:    - R77.30 VSX-Cluster with about 4 virtual Firewalls (23500-Appliances), IPS/URLFilter/VPN/AntiBot/Identity Awareness /MobileAccess/Remote-VPN in place    - 24 x 1450-Appliances (latest Software… (Show more)
Ryan St. Germain
I noticed that a known limitation of the 3.10 kernel is no IPv6 support. We are planning on doing a fresh install of this release on new hardware in the coming months. While we do not actually use IPv6 we do have IPv6 addresses assigned to our gateways and several objects along with their IPv4 addresses. We were previously in the process of… (Show more)
One of physical interface on a SG 15000 Series firewall cluster is trunked with 1 vlan and I need to remove that vlan and turn off the interface . What is the correct procedure to do that ?    Cluster with active/standby setup. Gateways are on GAIA R77.30 , managed by R80 CMA. 
Sangisha Daka K
Hello checkmates,   I have issue with checkpoint firewall R80.10 gaia Os ,we receive 12 mb from the ISP but when you connect checkpoint  firewall its reducing to 3.75 mb we tried to disable some blades but still didnt resolve the issue and we also engaged and had 3 hours session with checkpoint support engineers  but that didnt solve any thing… (Show more)
Ignacio Garcia
Hello I'm trying to scheddule a cronjob (bash script) in our management station. Such bash script, when executed manually, works flawlesly, but when scheduled over cron, it does not work. sk77300 and sk90441 have not helped at all. Any other ideas?
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