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Sagar Manandhar
hi, I am trying to create the LACP between checkpoint and cisco switch. What configuration should be done in cisco switch, whether we need to make the  mode on, active or  passive . The CP is in cluster and 2 interfaces are bond from each CP to the switch with VIP.    Regards, Sagar Manandhar
Kristian Nyquist
Hi   I am planing to implement Remote Acess VPN in visitor mode and the also the client less type of connection for my user to bee able to connect to the network.   Does it exist any step by step guide what i need to perform to get this working? Any hints what needs to be performed?   I am using gaia R80.10   //Kristian
Yair Herling
This video demonstrates advanced upgrade of a real customer database from R77.30 to R80.10. Our goal is to simplify the migration procedure and focus on the key steps to succeed in migrating your database from R77.30 to R80.10.   Please note that in order to prepare the environment for the advanced upgrade (e.g. target machine disk…
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Kaspars Zibarts
Does anyone have a straight answer if the log server (Multi-Domain environment) is supported in R80.10? I'm getting conflicting info from user centre - sk117159 says it's not yet R80.10 release notes says it is. Raised an SR but didn't get an answer either.. In case it's not supported, can we still upgrade actual primary and secondary MDM servers… (Show more)
Rachael Wheeler
I have a few questions about the "trains" checkpoint refers to for the releases of Management Server. I have included an image from Checkpoint below showing the trains. I am trying to determine how I would be able to keep my Checkpoint products up-to-date and determine the latest patches associated with a particular Checkpoint swimlane.   1.… (Show more)
Martijn van der Graaf
Hi,   I am running into problems when migrating a R77.30 SmartCenter to a R80.10 Domain Server on Multi Domain. Pre-upgrade Verifier is not reporting any problems, so this should work. But is does not.   Strange thing is: a migration from R77.30 SmartCenter to R80.10 SmartCenter is working fine.   So I want to migrate this R80.10 SmartCenter… (Show more)
We are going to upgrade to 80.10 in the coming days, but I have seen conflicting information on what to do with the backup MDS server. At CPX, someone said that we should just remove all existance of it from our database before the upgrade, and then make a new one after the primary is upgraded, syncing everything up then. Then I read something on… (Show more)
Alexander Uritsky
Hi. What is the best practice for upgrading full ha cluster from R77.30 to R80.10? Could not find any documentation on that on SK.   Thanks, Alex
kobi rudy
when migrate import in R80.10 I get the error: "segmentation error" what can it be?
Wellington Mello
Hi all, I want to migrate my management via CPUSE, but when I did the verification there were many errors, but of all the fixes I have one that I can not solve, see below:   Title: LTE services are not yet supported ----- * Description: The database contains LTE services that are not yet supported on the R80. 10   These LTE services will be… (Show more)
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