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Jesus Cano
Hi,   We have a cluster Checkpoint R77.30. So we are thinking in enable IPS blade. So we would like to know if these FWS will support the load (CPU, RAM) with IPS blade enable. What parameters about machine we have to know in order to enable IPS without load CPU RAM penalties. Any commands? advice? et.   thanks 
Ryan St. Germain
Hey Guys. Just need a sanity check. Running R77.30 and our VPN Certificate is showing as using SHA1. I am looking at the SHA-1 and SHA-256 certificates in Check Point Internal CA (ICA) article.   It mentions Resetting SIC. Am I correct in assuming this is only if we wanted to re-generate the SIC certificate using SHA256? If we just simply wanted… (Show more)
Danilo Molini
Hi all,   If I remember correctly, there was a SK with all the files that should be manually backup in case of upgrades as they would have been overwritten during the upgrade or export / import procedura on a new management, but I'm not able to find it anymore.   For example I mean crypt.def, user.def, implied_rule.def, table.def etc etc.  … (Show more)
Hello everyone,   I'm planning to migrate my R77.30 Cluster (open server) to r80.10 and the same time on a new hardware and I'd like to ask your opinion.   Let me give you some details. My actual cluster has 13 physical interfaces of 1Gbps and my new one has only 2 fiber optic and 4 ethernet of 1Gbps. In my actual configuration i have many… (Show more)
Donald Paterson
Is it recommended to turn NAT Templates on? Why is it not on by default?   [Expert@GW:0]# fwaccel stat Accelerator Status : on Accept Templates : enabled Drop Templates : disabled NAT Templates : enabled NMR Templates : enabled NMT Templates : enabled
Santiago Platero
Hi all, I'm sorry cause I know this has been asked (and answered) before, I don't want you to think I distrust the answers of the community, but I'm not have in fact a 100% confidence on my local SE to do a good job with this.   I need to replace our main gateway, which is a Dell R710 but licensed to only 2 cores. I have all blades enabled (with… (Show more)
andy currigan
We upgrade to R80.20 our management with gateways still on R80.10. We would like to use the new Updatable object for Office365 but in our Object explorer we do not have the import function in order to activate them. Why?  Thank you. ac
Maros Kukan
Hello, I am trying to add new MLM server to host CLMs to existing domain which consist of single MDS server running one CMA on top of it.   After establishing SIC the UI asks me to perform initial synchronization with MLM when I hit yes, I receive an error Management High Availability feature is disabled. And status in Multi-Domain Server… (Show more)
Gianluca Gia
Hi, I have a cluster with two 21400 with R77.30 and VSX. In order to fix a problem I have to make a cpstop, do something not relevant and then cpstart, I am worried about how the cpstop impact on cluster and VSX and I am looking for a procedure.  1) On standby unit give cpstop - How it impact on VSX interface ? It is possible a split brain or… (Show more)
Oleg Khomutinin
Hello Check Point community   In our branch office we have CP 77.30 version based on VMware (standalone solution) and we are plan to migrate them to 80.10. The question is: Can I install parallel new servers in VMware and install there ISO 80.10 then migrate licenses there? or upgrade is necessary from the same server where installed 77.30?
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