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Vincent Bacher
Hello Mates, we are just upgrading a bunch of R77.30 gateways to R80.10. Now we have detected, that the gateways connect to almost all other gateways for identity sharing. We just enabled identity sharing on some chosen gateways because we don't want and need sharing between all gateways. Does anybody facing this behavior as well or does… (Show more)
Kaspars Zibarts
Just thought in case someone else is using Cisco VXLAN in their network and have MDS.   We run across issue where after MDS was started and all processes came up, none of the CMA virtual IPs where responding to gateways or HA MDS whilst main MDS IP work just fine. I can note that all IPs (CMAs and MDS) are in the same subnet - so only L2… (Show more)
Vladimir Yakovlev
I am actually not sure if the issue is specific to the R80.10_Take70 or if same could be applicable to the ealier HFAs.   The observed behavior is that Monitor shows incorrect status of the interfaces,  as compared to the Gaia WebUI and the ClusterXL status of the node shown as "active": In green frames are the interfaces that were removed… (Show more)
Joseph Herold Jr Prophete
Hi, I've been trying for two days to do an Advanced Upgrade with Database Migration from Gaia R77.30 to Gaia R80.10. I used the Check_Point_R80.10_migration_tools_PreR80.Gaia.tgz to 'migrate export' from R77.30. I did a fresh install of R80.10 on a Vitrual Box VM (2 CPU cores, 100 GB). The migrate import failed on the R80.10 and int update logs,… (Show more)
Vladimir Yakovlev
After three days of building client's CXL with SMS on 5400s and Smart-1 410, suddenly could not connect to either WebUIs or SSH into the gateways. Since I've been working all day on crafting the AppC/URLF layer, I did not notice when this become an issue.   Smartlog showing events that sounds like "connection dropped by multiportal… (Show more)
What Data Centre backup solutions support Check Point devices (both management and gateways)? I noticed that Backbox is a preferred Check Point partner for large scale backups -  Are there other solutions that are known to work well with Check Point R80 devices?
Vladimir Yakovlev
Just noticed it recently during initial configuration of R80.10 Cluster: there is no cluster ID field in the first time configuration wizard. Can someone clarify if there is now a different mechanism resolving same ID issues and how doe it deal with clusters already present in the infrastructure with IDs defined?   Thank you, Vladimir
Danny Philipse
We have a Smart-1 210 appliance with default 8GB RAM that runs on R77.30. This SMS is managing a VSX cluster which consist of two VSX Gateways and with two Virtual Systems. I do not have a seperate logserver  so the appliance will run as SMS and logserver. I would like to migrate to R80.10 but are there prerformance concerns?
Red Hern
I recently bought a 3000-series appliance and am having difficulty connecting it to my network. I have a small business cable internet connection with a regular cable modem. I would like to use my cable modem's DHCP server to keep things simple.   I wired it up like this: Cable Modem Eth0 Port to CheckPoint eth5 Port  CheckPoint eth0 Port… (Show more)
Kurt Abela
Yesterday i upgraded from a distributed 77.30 cluster + mgmt to r80.10 on two 5600 appliances and smart 210 mgmt.    Today we are encountering 100% cpu usage on 3 core of the gateway while the other core (4 cores in total in 5600), which is used for dynamic dispatcher is idle. Setup was running fine on 77.30. Fw_workers are consuming all the cpu… (Show more)
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