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Jeff Ladd
I have been trying to get my MDS upgraded from R77.30 to R80.10. We run through the upgrade in a VmWare environment to test the upgrade prior to upgrading production, so this is still in my test environment.  My configuration is:  R77.30 T286, 4 CMA’s – 1 of which contains a VSX cluster.  Global policy is assigned to two CMA’s, and has only 1… (Show more)
Johannes Schoen
Hi Community,   I got a annoying strange behavior:   Perimeter Checkpoint, Transfernet to Core Firewall with topoloy RFC1918 networks. New VPN tunnel with a /24 net from range.   Excluded tunneled network from address spoofing on external interface. Created a Group RFC1918 networks with Exclusion of tunneld /24 network. Set that… (Show more)
Johannes Schoen
Click to view contentDear Community,   as an ISP we are monitoring our costumer environments throug IPSec tunnels from our datacenter. I don't know why, but two of our Check Point installations are strange - I cannot access the secondary node through IPSec - other sites work well with the same design. One troublemaker runs an old VRRP cluster (R77.30), the other on… (Show more)
Thomas Bauer
Click to view contentWe would like to Upgrade Mgmt-Server via CPUSE R80.10 Take42 to R80.20. Download from R80.20 Fresh Install and Upgrade for Security Management" was fine. After we " Initiating Verifier" we get error message: There is not enough disk space for installation - Not enough un-partitioned space : Available: 0.00 GB Required: 32.00 GB Free at least… (Show more)
Ian Cahill
Hi,   I am looking for official documentation on using MDS and A/S Cluster together.  Is this available ?    thanks 
Alexander Andrejkin
Click to view contentHello All,   Installed R80 MDS on VMware ESXi, 8 Gigs RAM and 4 cores/40 Gig HDD. Initial Wizard worked just fine as well as Gaia Portal, but when I try to connect via SmartConsole, I see following:                 When I logged into Expert mode, I can see following output, seems like FWM process is not loaded or badly crashed:   When I am… (Show more)
David Spencer
I've configured the global properties such that nac_agent_disable_quit has been enabled, however agents that are already deployed are able to exit the agent still. New deploys are correctly receiving this setting.   What have people done to ensure this setting is changed for agents that are already deployed?   Thanks
Jesus Cano
Hi,   I upgraded SMS (virtual) and gateways from R77.20 to R80.10. In SMS i did a clean install with migrate import.  The only doubt is about licensing. I didnt touch anything about licenses in R80 after upgrade was done, so i dont know if i should install/attach the licenses in R80.10 for SMS or GWs. So how can i know if the nodes are working… (Show more)
Ryan Ryan
Hi guys,   I have found an issue and its apparent on at least two of our customers firewalls. When the terminal server multi user agent is connected, if we click disconnect from gateway in agent window, or if I run the command "pdp control revoke_ip" the agent will never be able to reconnect. Even after uninstalling the agent, rebooting and… (Show more)
TT Firewall
Hello everyone,   I'm currently working on merging 3 management servers into one, so when I try to the merger using cp_merge on R77.30.  I get some validation errors. Please see  examples   Portland-ROCC-VPN : Validation error in field 'Participant Gateways' of element #1 at object 'Portland-ROCC-VPN' @ 'Communities' --> The referenced object… (Show more)
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