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Stuart Street
Hello, I am upgrading our firewalls from R77.30 to R80.10. We have 17 ClusterXL clusters in high availability mode. Each cluster has two members running the GAIA OS on VMWare. I’m attempting to use the connectivity upgrade method to minimise disruption.  To create enough space to copy  the installation file… (Show more)
Hello ,  I'm trying to migrate a R77.30 management to R80.10. I Get some errors when I'm using the R80.10 migration tools on my R77.30 Management . Can you help me resolve this issue please    Pre-upgrade verification report can also be found in /opt/CPsuite-R77/fw1/log in the following formats: pre_upgrade_verification_report.html… (Show more)
Maradona Mathew
hi there,   I need to consolidate multiple standalone checkpoint gateway devices to one single higher end model of hardware. Both old and new gateway will be registering to the same Security Management server. Could you please help to break up the procedure and give me the steps. Relatively new checkpoint user.    Gateway and Management Server… (Show more)
Pedro Boavida
Hi,   I'm trying to upgrade Management from R77.30 (with Add-on package) to R80.10.   I have a fresh installed R80.10 management and I'm trying to do a migrate import of the file exported from the original management with R80.10 pre-80 upgrade tool.  This procedure fails in the "Importing files..." step. The error produced in the migration log… (Show more)
Glen Atkinson
Proper sizing of security management server available specs foe VM 4 cores 4TB disk space 32 gig memory What should root partition size be?
Vassili V. Boukreev
Hi all !   I want to try R810.10 on my computer in Vmware Workstation 12, but after installing Management Center I get this error in GUI Clients Section (User Management - GUI Clients):   Management Server cannot be reached. Check your management configuration and try again.   Also when  I try connect to installed Management center via… (Show more)
upmitnetworksecurityteam upmitnetworksecurityteam
Issue when migrating R77.30 to R80.10.  we are doing r77.30 to r80.10 migration  with clean installation. Pre verification tool showing no error no warning after resolved all warning.  When we try to import database in clean installed r80.10 device. its failed and showing error with IPS_UPGRADE_TOOL.   We are trying with CPUSE tool to upgrade… (Show more)
Declan  McGill
This is a heads-up for anybody thinking of installing the T10. Make sure you have a backup in case it is not specific to my installation.  
Kennith Tucker
Upgrading R77.30 to R80.10, Management server only to start. Current Management server is a VM running GAIA R77.30, a new VM with R80.10 has been created. The plan is to use the Migrate command to export the database, swap IP addresses, then import the database on the new server. We have a large amount of log files and do not want to use the “-l”… (Show more)
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