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Aymen Gasmi
Dear CheckMates,   I am encountering a problem with my VM managment center upgrade from R77.30 to R80. I deployed new VM on my ESXi envirement with: 2vCPU 4GB of Ram 200GB of HD I exported the DB with the Check_Point_R80_migration_tools_PreR80.Gaia.tgz from y R77.30 SMC When I tried to import it with the same migration tool on my new R80.10… (Show more)
Dawei Ye
Have you guys meet this  situation? The policy packages could install successfully. But when I verify policies after upgrading to R80.10 ,I get a failure errors. There are so many hide policy in R80.10.It could be about more than one thousands policies to be reported hide another policy.   Are there any methods to solve the problem?  … (Show more)
Jerry Lee
doing a USB stick installation R80.10 - HP DL560 GEN 9 440 Array controller Raid 1+0 2TB array - crashes every time with the Exception Occurred - lots of python errors - doAutoPartiton - config was 600 GB root, 700GB /var/log
Sagar Manandhar
hi, I need to clear the license cache of R77.30. Does anybody can provide me with the step?    Thank you Sagar Manandhar
Kaspars Zibarts
Does anyone have a straight answer if the log server (Multi-Domain environment) is supported in R80.10? I'm getting conflicting info from user centre - sk117159 says it's not yet R80.10 release notes says it is. Raised an SR but didn't get an answer either.. In case it's not supported, can we still upgrade actual primary and secondary MDM servers… (Show more)
Ravindra Katragadda
hello I am new to checkpoint and I would like to know how can I check which SSH version is being configured in the checkpoint devices. Currently I have VSX clusters running R75.40VS and R77.30. Usually, if I want to check the SSH version I can change SSH protocol version in putty to 1 and try to login to the VSX device. But if I want to check… (Show more)
Sharma Prashant
I need to configure site to site VPN with both side LAN has 10.x.x.x/24...need step guide to perform this.Kindly help..
Sharma Prashant
Do we have mechanism or method to find out 'how many times a particular interface went down ' ..specially to cross verify the ISP or switch as next hop..? specially through CLI..
Richard Friesen
My team is fairly new to the Checkpoint world, and recently I made the mistake of removing a domain from MDS that had some configuration that we needed.  Our backup solution is provided by Veeam, and we were previously not doing mds_backup operations to backup our MDS environment.  Mistakes were made, fortunately no customer data was affected.… (Show more)
Sharma Prashant
Due to the space limitation , I need to take backup directly to the FTP server,using below format;   FW01>add backup ftp ip VALUE path /some/path/ username VALUE password plain     How do I confirm on the integrity of the file uploaded to FTP server so I can restore it with confidence without any disaster.?       Best Regards, Prashant
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