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Vladimir Yakovlev
Can someone point me to the specifications for the VMs that should be running the R80.20.M1 ? I am interested in vSphere ESXi VM configuration in particular (i.e. Linux distro and version).
Ryan Ryan
Hello, when I run this command on SmartManager "fwm printcert -ca internal_ca I get no response back, I believe its to do with the Internal CA missing or something similar.   Its causing issues when trying to enable VPN blade on all our gateways, when trying to generate a cert I get a message back "Failed to get the CA server's certificate"  … (Show more)
Sagar Manandhar
Hi,    Is there the way i Can export object and policy from R80 to R80.10?    Regards, Sagar Manandhar
Robert Mueller
Hi,   I've an duplicated OPSEC obejct in a CMA (one global obecjt and one local).. I've tried to delete the local one but when I try to delete it I get the error:   when I try to delete the obecjt int the database:     Can someone help me to get rid of this object?   Br Robert
CheckMates Admin Note: This document is an extract of sk31511 SecureKnowledge Article. Please refer to the SK for more details and full view of the procedure *************************************************************************************************************************************** CheckPoint Security gateway freezes, crashes, or…
Aymen Gasmi
Hi mates,   I upgraded the checkpoint SMS of my customer (VM) from R75.40 to R80.10 with the advanced upgrade ( exporting and importing the DB). On the New VM, the SIC is okay with all the Gateways but when I try to install the policy from the new SMS with the version R80.10 I am encoutering lot of errors, Please take a look on the file… (Show more)
Hi all, I have a cluster of 2 5000 Appliances, running R80.10. My trooble is one of the member, the standby, has lost SIC with the SMS. The Active is running well, but i can't push new policies. I tried 30 times to reset SIC between the standby and the SMS, but always got error (300, 148). So about 30 revoked certs on the SMS ... My question… (Show more)
Dave Taylor
I am finally cutting over our policies from R77.30 to R80.10 and want to make sure each policy is in line with the R80.10 requirements. Is there a way to verify each policy other than the initial verification before migrate export?
Sagar Manandhar
Hi, sk61681 and sk85900 gives the solution which is quite different from each other. Does anyone has use these solution?  I need to migrate the policy from standalone to distributed. If so please suggest me the best way to do so.   Thank You Sagar Manandhar
Byron Kawane
Hi, I've read lots of documentation how to configure an interface but have not been able to find anything on what is the safest way to remove an interface and it's virtual interfaces from the checkpoint firewall.   In this case I would like to remove interface 11  Here's the proposed commands basically in reverse order.   Can I remove eth11… (Show more)
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