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Alex Lam
Hello   I see that there are few discussion on this topic, some being successful(but with some fixing) and some hit a brick wall.   We are one of them, hitting the brick wall. This is not a smooth upgrade compare to the older versions... #sigh There were few things to fix, that is removing SCTP service/protocol which is ok, then there are fixing… (Show more)
Hugo van der Kooij
In the list of things you shouldn't do in a midnight upgrade here is another one.   Starting point: SmartCenter R80.20.M1 on an isolated subnet Single Gateway R80.10   Objective: Upgrade the gateway to R80.20   As you might know this will fail on multiple levels. And is most definitly not supported.   I did an in-place upgrade of R80.20 and… (Show more)
Dan Roddy
40 years in IT has not prepared me to understand the software version schemes used by Checkpoint but I am trying.   Please help me understand this taken from sk119612   "Unless stated otherwise, every R80.10 SmartConsole Build in this article including R80.10 GA SmartConsole build can be used as a GUI client for each R80.10 Jumbo HotfixTake and… (Show more)
David Charnon
I am planning my upgrade of our HA Management from R77.30 to R80.20. As in past upgrades, I will do a clean install of the OS on the same machine (after of course doing backups, exporting database, etc.).   To simplify the build after the clean install, my plan was to save the configuration of the management server before starting ("save… (Show more)
Jozko Mrkvicka
Hello mates,   I would like to have your opinion and some insight to the problematic which I am facing at the moment.   We have R77.30 SMS with 10 clusters. All of those 10 clusters are included in MyIntranet meshed community. On every cluster we have rule that will allow any connection from all other gateways within MyIntranet VPN community.  … (Show more)
Raj Khatri
We made some changes in GuiDBedit in the past on R77.x, however, I wasn't sure if these changes were still supported in R80.  Didn't want to cause any DB issues or corruption, so wanted to make sure.   C:\Program Files (x86)\CheckPoint\SmartConsole\R80\PROGRAM   The particular gateway property change in question is "define_logging_servers"
Charles Hurst
Hi all,   I'm trying to setup an Externally Managed VPN Gateway using a Mesh VPN community.   I've got as far as completing the setup using exported Certificates from the :18264 website of each peer. Setup the Mesh Community, configured the Externally Managed VPN Gateway objects, all NAT and policies in place, however something is causing it to… (Show more)
Kris Pellens
Dears CheckMates,   We're building a VSX/VSLS cluster (R80.20 GA). We are not able to execute the vs_bits command.   Is there a reason why vs_bits didn't make it in R80.20 (although it is mentioned in the documentation)?   Many thanks.   Kind regards, Kris Pellens
Paul Mainhardt
I am trying to recover a VMware server that had some file system corruption. I am currently unable to login to the machine, or connect via SMS. This is our smart management server and i hoping to be follow sk92663.   The issue is that i am able to create the emergency usb but boot via USB isnt supported via VMware. I was hoping to convert the USB… (Show more)
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