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Roger De Jonckheere
Hi all, I've been odering new servers for our Check Point MDS to migrate to R80.10. Unfortunaly, I missed to check the HCL first and received HP ProLiant 380 Gen10 Servers. As you can imagine, the GAiA installation process fails when trying to access the disks, which is a RAID-1 of 2x 480 GB SSDs. Has anyone managed to install GAiA on such a… (Show more)
Joe Scolamiero
Hello out there, this is in regards to the changes R80.10 has made to db revisions. This weekend I am decommissioning some firewalls/clusters and upgrading/consolidating the hardware. I will be  deleting a bunch of firewall and cluster objects and recreating new ones which in some cases will have the same IP addresses. In R77 and before, I would… (Show more)
Nicolas Bernier
Hi,   Using VSX R80.10, I'm looking for a way to do traffic shaping at the interface level or each Virtual System.   Basically, my ISP is providing me a 1gig network connection for all internet services with 2 router (for redundancy) connected to a head switch. Since I have multiple VS on my VSX cluster, I'm looking for a way to limit… (Show more)
Dmitriy Chazov
Good day to all. I started to test the solution CheckPoint R80.10 take 462. Faced an incomprehensible situation for me. After applying the policy, I get the error "The connection with the server was lost. Any unsaved changes are preserved ", after which I can not connect using both SmartConsole and SSH and WebGUI. What I'm doing. I spread out CP… (Show more)
Knut Haugom
Hi. I have a customer where we are installing multiple (200+) 1430 appliances.  We plan to deploy the appliances using a script (autoconf.clish) running from an usb stick on each unit. The script is configuring wan interface, name og the unit and local networks. I am looking for a tool / routine for generating these scripts. Do CP have a tool for… (Show more)
Vincent Bacher
Hello mates, if you have an old Cisco ASA appliance using security contexts, are you able to use SmartMove for migration to Checkpoint? I did not see anything related to that in the knowledge base. Has anybody already done this so far? I believe migrating a cisco asa using security contexts leads to use VSX on the checkpoint gateway, right? Any… (Show more)
Hugo van der Kooij
How do you configure IPv6 these days in Check Point?   If you have Static NAT on an IPv4 address in the object you must also use it on the IPv6 address or you get an error.   You can do a sort of a workaround by adding the same address on the object also for the NAT address. But then you run into problems where you were not expecting them. The… (Show more)
Charles Hurst
Hey all,   Just playing about in my Lab and I've got two CP GW's running on ESXi with a Vswitch for the External interfaces, this then connects to a physical Cisco 3750 switch and is trunked to a Cisco 887 with a VDSL internet link. To make my life easier I configured RIPv2 and this works well in the sense my CP's have internet access without… (Show more)
Maarten Sjouw
I was working on preparing a upgrade and replacement of a cluster, in our IPSO/GAIA and VRRP era this was pretty simple, you just on the member issue the 'set vrrp disable-all-virtual-routers on' command and the cluster member will not participate in VRRP. How can you do this with clusterXL?  Situation: 2 old HP cluster members running R77.30 … (Show more)
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