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peter kimani
Hello all, I have got very helpful support from this forum , during my migration process from R77.30 to R80.10. I have successfully migrated database server from R77.30 ( appliance)  to R80.10 enviroment ( open server) i have copied  the configuration from the two gateways 4800 (R77.30) to two  5800 (R80.10). 1.Now i would  like your advice on… (Show more)
Jozko Mrkvicka
Hello guys,   I am facing very strange issue. We would like to test R80.10 Standalone deployment on 12600 appliance with 6 GB of RAM. According to Release Notes R80.10 page 15 this setup is allowed. So we have installed R80.10 Standalone deployment on this machine, including latest Take 103 on top of it. Once we have opened SmartConsole, we… (Show more)
Robert Mueller
Hi,   I want to upgrade our MDM from R77.30 -> R80.10.. but every time I check the migration with the CP Pre-Upgrade verifier (CPINFO) - the result is "Not compatible" - Domains With Out Of Date Global Policies Test completed with errors... on a specific domain (VSX Domain)   The problem is that I've reassigend the global policy and install the… (Show more)
tng aik hong
Hi all, can i check with you all where to download the export migration tools for checkpoint?
Ravindra Katragadda
Hello   Does anybody have a script to create Network Objects in bulk via CLI using dbedit?   I have used the below script to create hosts and it did not work. My device is Smart 1-50 running Gaia R77.30   create host_plain web_server modify network_objects web_server ipaddr update network_objects web_serverupdate_all   Thanks in… (Show more)
Norbert Bohusch
If we have scheduled backup configured in clish on a SmartCenter or MultiDomain installation the backup can't be done if GUI clients are connected:   /var/log/messages shows: scheduled_backup: set_binding: Failed to set one binding: :backup:start:local : error = Can not start the operation. You should disconnect all GUI Clients from this… (Show more)
Dawei Ye
Hi guys,   We have got a plan to upgrade our VSX Gateways to R80.10 from R77.20. and also we are going to replace two old 13500 running VSX Cluster to two 15600 appliances.   There are two virtual systems running VSLS on this VSX Cluster.   I know the 'vsx_util reconfigure' could use to replace the hardware ,but 15600 didn't support R77.20.  … (Show more)
dat tran man
Hi Checkmates,   Using VSX mode, 2 checkpoint 12000 series, R77.30   I got this log when trying to access a website, and it deny access.   Anyone facing this problem already.   Please help me on this case,   Thank you guys,   Zed
tng aik hong
Hi all, I have faced issue trying to login to checkpoint smart dash board. I have created a VM Checkpoint in Vmware and I wanted to test the following checkpoint version R75.40V. License has been initiated kept having error message. I have change the date on both gui and laptop but I still encountered the same error message. I have also tried… (Show more)
Sharon Schwartzman
Hello there Is there a place where I can find the details of specific bug ID ?   Thanks in advance Sharon
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