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Large Scale Management

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Sameer Ahmad
Hi All ,    We are planning to upgrade to R80 from R 77 currently using checkpoint smart1 -3150 with 150+ gateways , currently we are using default RAM 64GB , please let me know if there is a valid documentation which suggests we should use atleast 128GB of RAM for optimal performance      Regards, SA
in Large Scale Management
Chris Jones
Hi All.   Couple of questions on R80.10 SmartProvisioning. Customer is currently running R77.30 Multi-Domain Services. SmartProvisioning Software Blade is currently being used to manage around 1700 edge and 1100 series Security Gateways.   1. Does R80.10 EA Multi-Domain version include SmartProvisioning? 2. If it does include… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management