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George Ellis
I am pretty sure of the answer, because Phoneboy mentioned it and the evidence is there from the migration to R80.10.    The question is: are Global Services finally usable?    In the past, a global service and a local service for the same port could shadow each other and the compiler would not catch it in verification.  If that has been truly… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
Pablo Barriga
Hello what would be the recommendation to manage 2000 gateways , also to have smart-event and smart-log with this size of implementation.
in Large Scale Management
E Lastname
Hello Everyone,   I noticed at work that we might not be following best practices for global rules hence the reason for this post. We have multiple CMAs for different regions. One for example is Europe and the other Asia. I noticed that the there are global rules setup for common domain controllers however the sources are defined as all… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
Maarten Sjouw
Gents, In a multi domain environment, when I start the SmartConsole and login I get the question to which domain I want to connect, Nice.. However I connect to the MDS, I see all my domains and need to open a domain's policy. I rightclick on the domain and choose Connect to Domain, now the Smartconsole starts and tries to connect to the Domains'… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
Ivo Marques
Hi,   I'm having troubles with the design of a Large Scale Solution for MDS. I have around 500 domains on a scenario based on VSX.   The solution seems to be the use of at least 3 MDS Servers, one primary and the other two secondary. But, because of the VSX I will have the VSX Cluster on one domain in the primary MDS and all other VS on diferent… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
Benjamin (Ben) Morris
We have scripts repositories, backup and restore settings, and opening ssh and webui, but when will we be able to push and fetch settings on the gateways?   Specifically I am looking to push and fetch IPv4/6 routes, DNS, NTP etc.
in Large Scale Management
Chammi Kumarapathirage
I migrated an FWSM firewall to Checkpoint. The management server is on R80.10 and the gateways are running on R77.30. The FWSM had a large number of rules and objects. Post migration, we have 7000 rules and 5000 objects in the dashboard.   I keep running to a problem where java process hogs up all the available CPU and I'm unable to do anything… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
Ilan Spivak
Hi, Do you know when R80.X (20?) will be available with SmartProvisioning and when do you estimate it will be recommended to start using.
in Large Scale Management
Irek Romaniuk
I am looking for a way to retrieve a list of my smart provisioned (centrally managed) gateways, including name, external and LAN (internal) IP addresses (R77). I know I can easily get gateway name and external IP address using  SmartLSM LSMcli. See example below where I find external IP  for a gateway with name Irek-11.    # LSMcli… (Show more)
in Large Scale Management
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