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Karan Karan
checkpoint DHCP Server   I have DHCP Server configured on firewall and configured interface has the same subnet which cover around 1024 hosts.   Now I need to increase the subnet for DHCP Pool, So do i need to make the changes on GW interface or making the changes for DHCP server will work fine ?   add dhcp server subnet… (Show more)
in Management
Dear All, When I create Interface for 2 checkpoint 15400 in Smart Console, have 76 Session is Create.  Why are there so many session created ? Thanks Why are there so many sessions
in Management
Hi all       I want to configure login smartdashboard by tacacs+ authen,but I found that it can not batch authen user.For example,I only add tacacs+ server configuration in cisco router and  can login router by all user.When I configure External User Profiles:generic* on behalf of tacacs all user,I still can not login smartdashboard by tacacs… (Show more)
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Charlie Bueno Ramos
What is the reason for this error when making filters in SmartViewtracker? Should I update SmartConsole from the Managemenet?
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Nicholas Sheridan
Hi forum,   Linux has a 'cloud-init' script that allows a server to be created and run scripts at time of creation, which something that I've used before with ansible.    The net effect of this is it creates a infrastructure that is completely defined as code, and allows the management of the device through version control, and modified through… (Show more)
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Admin CheckPoint For FM
We have bought some Check Point firewalls through a subcontractor who also set up the SmartConsole R80.10 for us. We would like to change the default password of the "admin" account but we don't know the steps.  Please help.
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Maria Pologova
Hello.   I'm struggling to find information about what "Install Database" in R77.30 actually does. I understand that it is necessary to install database after configuring Mail Alerts, Log servers, something that is related to management components.  Is it the same process that happens when Management Servers are being synchronized upon policy… (Show more)
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Maik Dummer
Hello guys,   Still studying for my CCSE... now I am at the point where I want to dig deeper into the Mobile Access solutions that Check Point offers. To be precise, I am just kind of confused regarding all the different client solutions. So I'd like to write down what I understood so far and be very glad if you guys could correct me if something… (Show more)
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Mohideen Abbas
Hello All,    Can any one explain in simple words about difference between Smart Log , Smart view monitor , Smart view tracker. I know the outlined role of Smart view tracker and smart monitor but i cant predict the differences in them. And why they exist as a separate module in smart dashboard. (R77.30) Thanks in advance
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Network M
What kind of duties should admins perform on security gateways and on management server? For example, deleting old logs, deleting old files, make more free space etc.? Can anyone explain step by step?   In my case, when I connect to security gateway by ssh, for example, if I type "df -h" it gives error. Operating system: R80.10 Gaia   This… (Show more)
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