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Michael Rolbin
Good day,   I cannot find proper information about how to build 61000/64000 VSX VSLS and VSX ClusterXL (not clear from the documentation if ClusterXL supported or not).    To confirm the basic configuration of the chassis, I tested and configure single VSX with any number of VSs successfully.   How to configure 61000/64000 VSX Cluster in… (Show more)
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Charles Kim
Is there a way to run a static, non-interactive command for the 61K command "asg profile -p?"
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Phillip Runner
As our environment grows, I become more and more interested in the different Scalable Platform / chassis options that Checkpoint offers.  The idea intrigues me a bit for quickly and easily growing as we need more processing power.  I love the idea of running VSX on a pair of chassis and just spinning up VSs for each FW use case I have in a… (Show more)
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Kaspars Zibarts
Click to view contentJust wondering if anyone else running VSX on chassis (R76SP50, we are take 62) have had any issues with policy installation due to CPD running out of open file descriptors?   Case is open with TAC, but I just wanted to see if it's just us or a known issue. Seems like it started to appear after we upgraded management from R80.10 take 121 to 142.… (Show more)
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Hey everyone,   I was asked to capture some packets: g_tcpdump -enni any host and   [1_04]10:33:23.330521  In aa:aa:aa:aa:aa:aa ethertype IPv4 (0x0800), length 76: > S 2726345066:2726345066(0) win 29200 <mss 1376,sackOK,timestamp 1052353694 0,nop,wscale 7> [1_04]10:33:23.331136 Out bb:bb:bb:bb:bb:bb… (Show more)
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Andre K
Hi all,   Should the value in the ‘Conns’ column of a SecureXL template be counted as  a concurrent connection or an indicator how many connections used the particular template?   For example; for a particular vs I have approx. 50.000 connections in the fw1 & SecureXL connections table (asg_conns). However according ‘asg perf’ output there… (Show more)
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Benoit Verove
Hi,   I'm working on a project involving 44k platforms. The customer would like to have a direct access to the TAC with onsite replacement. The PREMIUM support plan with the ONSITE option could fit his needs. Since the remplacement of a 44K is much more complex than the replacement of an appliance, I was wondering if the ONSITE option was… (Show more)
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Johannes Bachmann
So we have the "asg_ssm_upgrade" to upgrade the SSM firmware from an SGM. But why isn't there something like an "asg_cmm_upgrade" to upgrade the firmware of the CMMs from an SGM? The would be really nice, because updating the CMM takes usually a lot of manual steps with long commands to type / copy.
Huseyin Rencber
Is there a routing guide for scalable platforms (R76SP.50) like "Gaia Advanced Routing R80.10 Administration Guide".
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David Kozinn
On SP systems (e.g., 61000/41000) asg_cp2blades will allow you to copy a file from the current blade to any or all blades. I've been running some tcpdumps across all blades and the files are saving into /tmp. I want to bring them back to the SMO with modification to the filenames to indicate where it was pulled from, so this is sort of the… (Show more)
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