• Simple API Web Interface for DEMO

    Hi everybody,    I have developed a simple web interface to demo the R80 API utilization, it is a simple web front end to ilustrate how trhow a web front end it is possible to create rules and objects ...
    Carlos Diaz
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  • Python Script to run mgmt_cli .csv commands

    Hello Team,   I am using .csv file to add different host,network,address-range, access rule into the checkpoint database. But for this i need to login into management server and run those mgmt_cli < batch --...
    Tribhawan Singh
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  • How to create LegacyUserAtLocation object through the R80.x api?

    Hi, in a R80.20 SMS, i need to implement a lot of object of type LegacyUserAtLocation and use in the rulebase as ClientAuth rule. To use an existing LegacyUserAtLocation object, it's easy by referencing the uid, in...
  • R80.20 Script Needed to Perform Bulk Find and Replace

    I have an R80.20 Management Server and a requirement to replace existing network objects with R80.20 wildcard objects where ever the old objects are referenced in the rulebase. There are approximately 60 objects, with...
    John Madigan
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  • How to search all objects who's name contains specific text

    Here’s how you can list the UIDs for all objects whose name contain the text ‘echo’. This is using the management CLI and jq utility.  [Expert@r80_20_ga:0]# mgmt_cli show objects filter echo -...
  • Python Classes for Check Point objects

    Hi,   has anyone published Python Classes for all the different object/rule types?   The GitHub - CheckPointSW/cp_mgmt_api_python_sdk: Check Point API Python Development Kit does not include these....
    Simon Taylor
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  • Import all objects at the same

    Hi Any one knows that how to import all objects at the same time to R 80.1 management server ? I am aware about mgmt_cli tool , but still have some confusion on this , any experts can explain on this ?#
    Shivajith S
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  • API performance optimization

    When creating new objects, it costs over 10 mins to create around 200 objects. Is there anyway to improve API performance when creating objects and ploices? Cheers.
    Leon Hung
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  • cprid_util for vsx

    Hi All,   Can one use cprid_util commands for virtual FWs?  I'm trying to get some info from the virtual firewalls.  I tried using the virtual FW ip address and get no results.  I also tried using...
    Bill Ng
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  • Howto migrate export - R80.10

    Hi guys,   We recently migrate to R80.10 and now we need to export the policy. I read somewhere in the forum that you could do that with the RestAPI, I think something using "show access rulebase" (I will find it...
    Ivo Marques
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  • How to get Rule based Zone/Interface details

    I am using "show-access-rulebase" API to get rule details, but the JSON output not contains rule vs Zone/Interface mapping details, but in the syslog contains accessed rule and interface details.   Is there any ...
    Veeraselvam manoharan
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  • Python library for using R80 management server APIsExportImportPolicyPackage

    Hi All, Can someone please help me? I am trying to merge two separate R80.10 SMC into a single R80.10 using  ExportImportPolicyPackage-master, while using script i am getting below errors,    Fil...
    Kumar Manoj
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  • HowTo bash get specific value returned only

    Hello,   How can I get a specific value returned only using API commands in a bash script ?   E.g. I need a rule name and the rule type reurned only.   Assuming the API was developped using object or...
    Sebastian Gxxx
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  • HowTo Error handling in bash

    Hello,   How can I handle the error messages of an API command while I do pipe the output into a file ?   The following command will not work for me: mgmt_cli login user ${USER} password ${PASS} > error...
    Sebastian Gxxx
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  • Disable a rule on R80.10 using Python Web API

    Hello,   I have a management server running R80.10, which has almost 20 devices connected and has hundreds of rules defined. I wanted to disable rules that are not in use currently via Web API using Python ...
    Samiron Mallick
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  • users via API

    Hi guys, I would like to ask if there are some plans to include handling users via API in future releases (local account creation, certificate generation, etc.)? Now there is no such possibility via API and I think it...
    Ivo Hrbacek
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  • Adding members to a group

    Is there a better way than this to add member network objects to a group?   add group name Internal-Nets members.1 Net- members.2 Net- members.3 Net- members.4 Net-192.168....
    Donald Paterson
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  • Make API request using Python: issue with headers

    I am trying to make a request to the checkpoint api using the function below, but when I invoke the function, I get the response: {\n  \"code\" : \"generic_err_missing_required_header\",\n  \"messa...
    Erin Horning
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  • Creating multiple object via CSV

    I'm trying to use the Management API to create multiple network objects and then populate them into a group.  I have syntax working, however, when executing SmartConsole crashes and only imports ~150 networks....
    Raj Khatri
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  • Permission to create gateway object from API

    What is the permission required for API to create a gateway object?   I have created a role using custom mode so I can remove the excessive privilege later, and I have assigned all the possible privilege with wr...
    Bryan Lee
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