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Eugene Tcheby
Hi everyone, I've put together a step by step guide about Sandblast Cloud for Office 365 ---> CloudGuard SaaS (Office 365 emails) migration. This document can also serve as guide to help new customers setup their CloudGuard SaaS portal and connect to their Office 365 account. Looking forward to your feedback and questions. 
in CloudGuard SaaS
Slava Zhevelyuk
Hi Guys, We just got out first CloudGuard SaaS across the line and need to provision it now. We've got the keys from a distributer, but I cant seem to find any information on provisioning process? (How to create a tenant in portal, add keys etc.) Is there a deployment guide of some sorts?   Thanks   Regards, Slava
in CloudGuard SaaS
Suresh Kumar K
Can we downgrade from R80.10 to R77.30 If so can I directly downgrade..
in CloudGuard SaaS
Vladimir Yakovlev
Can someone chime in on when the Cloud Guard SaaS will become available, could it be used in a situations where company does not have dedicated AD, (i.e. using Office 365 and a number of other SaaS services) and what is the minimum number of users that it could be subscribed for?   Thank you, Vladimir
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