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[Announcement] R80.20 Management support for CloudGuard on NSX-V

Blog Post created by CloudGuard IaaS RnD Employee on Dec 28, 2018

Hello Everyone,


We are glad to update on the release of R80.20 Service Registration bundle for CloudGuard for NSX-V.
Release highlights:

  • R80.20 Management and R80.20 M2 support in service registration and provisioning
  • R80.10 CloudGuard Gateway is now aligned to the R80.10 jumbo hotfix Take 154 with security fixes and updates
  • Improved OVF capabilities (Larger log partition size, Support of Virtual Machine Compatibility Settings…)
  • Improved automatic license distribution
  • Important bug fixes
  • NSX 6.4.x support



Stay tuned for NSX-T news and make sure to visit our tech room at CPX for more info and demos on our upcoming solutions!


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