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This Week in CheckMates 31 December 2018

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Jan 1, 2019

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Changes Ahead in the CheckMates Community

This quiet time during the holidays seem like a good time to give a heads up that some significant changes are coming in the next several weeks!


When we launched this community site as Exchange Point a few years ago, it was built on the Jive platform. 

Jive has served us well, but for various reasons, we need to migrate to a different platform.

We have chosen to migrate to the Lithium platform, which is utilized by a number of other brands for their community sites!


In many ways, the Lithium platform should be a significant improvement over Jive.

The platform changes will enable us to provide additional functionality, features, and benefits to the community.

That said, it's a fairly substantial change and we are working to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.


Here's what I can say right now:

  • The new community site will maintain the same URL: https://community.checkpoint.com
  • All content in the current community will be migrated, but will have a different URL.
  • For those of you who keep track of "points" for your community activities, Lithium handles this differently than Jive. For the most part, everyone's current activities in Jive will translate over to Lithium and you will be ranked similarly. More on this in an upcoming post.
  • The look and feel of the site will be significantly different. 

More details will be provided as we get closer to the launch of the new community site.


Community Highlights

Here are the conversations worth watching in the community:


Update SmartConsole to new HFA without uninstall 

Your best bet is to use the Portable SmartConsole. See also: R80.20 - Portable SmartConsole + Tips and Tricks


Seeing full 3-way handshake for connection that should be blocked 

Relevant for R80.x gateways and FTP.


SQUID proxy ICAP and SandBlast (TEX) 

Did you know you can use a SandBlast appliance as an ICAP Server with a Squid proxy? Yes, you can!


A simple and reliable way to make sure your management is up 

Prior to R80, you could just see if fwm was started. Now, it's a little more complicated and we provide a script that checks for you.


Announcing the Partner Space 

We launched a partner-specific space accessible only to Check Point Partners.


[Announcement] R80.20 Management support for CloudGuard on NSX-V 

A nice Christmas present from R&D


R80.20 install on Power-1 5070 

While not supported, one of our members is determined to make this work. 


White Paper - Protecting IoT (Internet of Things) implementations with R80.10 and later Unified Policy, Protocol Signature, and Segmentation 

One way to solve the IoT security challenge.


Upcoming Events

And, of course, CPX 360 2019!