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This Week in CheckMates 29 October 2018

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Oct 29, 2018


Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

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CheckMates in Your Language!

While most of the content on CheckMates is in English, we now have a few groups where both content and discussions are available in other languages! 


CheckMates in Russia

While I took a week off the road to enjoy fall in the Pacific Northwest, Valeri Loukine did a CPX in Russia followed by one of the largest CheckMates events we've had to date! 

And oh yeah, it was Val's birthday, too!



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Next week? Valeri and I will meet in Denmark for a couple of events.


Community Highlights

Meanwhile, here are the conversations worth watching in the community:


R80.20 - Portable SmartConsole + Tips and Tricks 

If you want to have multiple installations of the same "version" (but different build) of SmartConsole, Portable is the way to go.


Identity Collector Exclusion List 

What happens when you "include" versus "exclude" or leave those blank?


Strange Firewall logic for DHCP discover packets 

Handling of an IP of


In VRRP cluster, IPSO-390 Voyager and 5600 Gaia R77.30 appliances together 

While you can't cluster these unlike appliances together, you can certainly use VRRP to minimize the downtime when switching over.


Python tool for exporting/importing a policy package or parts of it 

This has been updated for API 1.3 (R80.20 API).


How to switch to the new log viewer inside SmartConsole (and maybe get a little performance improvement) 

If you can't wait for SmartView to be the default log viewing experience, here's how to enable it now in R80.20.


R80.20 - new interesting commands 

I missed this in previous roundups of new posts related to R80.20.


VPN details using API 

It's not all there yet, but you can get some of the info.


Blocking Psiphon 3 R80.10 

Updated the thread with the latest guidance from R&D.



Another tool to export/import your policy and objects from R80.x.


Blink - install Management Server with 1 step - is now available! 

If you want to do a quicker install of Security Management, here's how to do it!


How to Request an Evaluation License 

Updated instructions should work for everyone, including people who are not existing Check Point customers. 


Upcoming Events

Between Valeri Loukine and I, we'll be busy in the next several weeks!