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This Week in CheckMates: 19 January 2018

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Jan 19, 2018

Welcome to "This Week in CheckMates," your weekly highlight reel for all things CheckMates!

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Community Highlights

Highlights from the past week includes:


List of different IP addresses to be blocked 

There are many different ways to block a couple hundred thousand IP addresses...without typing them in!


How to troubleshoot an app drop with the extended log options 

Great troubleshooting tip here from Tomer Sole


Multiple VPN - MEP 

How can I setup a primary and backup S2S VPN tunnels 

Different approaches you can take when you're trying to do multiple VPN paths...depending on whether or not the remote end is Check Point or not.


Script for basic configuration capture from bash CLI 

Another great script from Eric Beasley that's useful to document your existing OS configuration.


How to test the Management API with the Cloud Demo 

Tomer Sole is on fire with the tips this week, this showing you how to test our R80.x API without having to stand up your own manager to test it!


Report for unused objects on R77.30 SMS 


While there is an easy way to get this information in R80.10 (See Unused Objects Cleanup), it's a little more challenging in R77.30, but possible, as this thread describes.


Policy Installation Stages 

Ever wonder what some of the messages you see during policy installation means?


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