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This Week in CheckMates: 5 January 2018

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Jan 5, 2018

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Community Highlights

Highlights from the past couple of weeks include:


Clone System to create hot spare management 

This discusses the process and licenses needed to do this (depending on your target).


Blink - Full gateway installation in 5 minutes 

Image appliances complete with Jumbo Hotfixes installed...fast!


TechTalk: Migrate to R80.10 and New Years Toast 

This has been a much requested topic that I've covered in local CheckMates Live events, now as a TechTalk you can watch anytime!


Threat Emulation blade not communicating 

There's some helpful troubleshooting hints in this thread you should try.


About protocol detection 

If you're curious about how we detect applications and protocols, there is some discussion in here.


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