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This Week in CheckMates: 8 December 2017

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Dec 9, 2017

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Community Highlights

Between the three live events Moti Sagey and I were part of this past week along with the TechTalk on Wednesday, it's been quite the week! Here's the highlights:


Migrating to R80.10, a CheckMates Live Event! 

If you're curious what a CheckMates event is and/or haven't been able to attend one in your area, here's a sample we recorded in Philadelphia! 


Any easy way to roll back to R77.30 from R80.10 

The short answer is no, but there is some other useful information in this thread about the resources you will need to upgrade to R80.10 before you do so. 


fw monitor inspection point e or E 

fw monitor in R80.10 has new indicators for when it is displaying pre-encrypted (VPN) and post-encrypted traffic. 


TechTalk: Advanced Threat Prevention Best Practices 

If you haven't yet implemented advanced threat prevention in your environment, you don't want to miss this TechTalk given by Nicolas McKerrall!


R80.10 Logs and Monitor Pane – Hide Identities within Reports, Views and Logs.

Another how-to on using the logging and reporting features in R80.10.


Technical Audit of 4200 Appliance   

If you're auditing a Check Point appliance, what do you look for? Chime in here!


Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events in the next few weeks include:



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