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This Week in CheckMates: Week of 28th August 2017

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Sep 1, 2017

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Community Highlights

Here are some highlights from the week's activity on CheckMates:


Bandwidth Monitoring of Specific Interface? 

A new user moving from a different vendor's solution asks about how to monitor the bandwidth used by a specific interface. This thread explains how to do that using SmartView Monitor.

How to revert a Policy or discard changes? 

The way you revert a policy to a previous version in R80+ has changed from R77.30 and earlier. This thread details those changes.


Log cleaning rule

Nicolas Boisse created a script to query all your gateways, determine their broadcast address, and create a rule that will drop broadcasts from those networks.


Check Point configuration mistakes - Top 10

Danny Jung shares his Top 10 configuration mistakes he sees people make. The good news is that in R80.10, we've made it easier to do the right thing. 


Updated Scripts from Check Point 

The Kobi Eisenkraft updated several of the scripts previously published to Developers (Code Hub) and published the source to Github:


Did You Know...

There is a mobile app available for CheckMates?

While the CheckMates Community site is fairly mobile-friendly, some prefer a native mobile app that can provide push notifications on responses to posts.

You can download the Jive Daily app for iOS or Android as follows:

When prompted, enter community.checkpoint.com as the community and sign in with your User Center credentials.


Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events in September include:

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