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This Week in CheckMates: Week of 14th August 2017

Blog Post created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Aug 17, 2017

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Community Highlights

Here are some highlights from the week's activity on CheckMates:


Leveraging the R80.10 API to Automate and Streamline Security Operations

Our latest TechTalk was held this week on using the R80.10 API to automate and orchestrate your security. Ryan Darst gave a great demo and there were a lot of questions. Watch the video and access the materials!


How-to use Postman with R80 Security Management API

One of the tools used to demonstrate the R80 API was a tool called Postman. We had a "collection" for the R80 API and recently added one for R80.10. And of course, there were some questions!


Sending Check Point security logs to 3rd party devices via syslog

In case you haven't seen yet, CPLogToSyslog is now available for R80.10 as it was published for other releases a few weeks back! Improved syslog support (beyond what CPLogToSyslog provides) is planned in the coming months. Watch the Logging, Monitoring, Reporting, and Event Analysis for more details!


Unify Policy Migration from R77.30

If you want to leverage the unified policy feature in R80.10, you'll need to stop using some legacy features, which do not support the unified policy.


Policy Migration From Standalone to Distributed

There are a couple of options from converting your standalone gateway (with integrated management) to a distributed configuration. 


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Upcoming Events

Our upcoming events in September include:

  • Cloud Security Best Practices with Amit Schnitzer on September 6th
  • Ask Me Anything with Dorit Dor and her team on September 18th



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